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Burkinabe by birth, Lyonnais at heart, exalted by colours.

From yesterday until today, Mory has been creating, tracing, doodling, imagining, with a remnant of chalk or in the red earth of his childhood, on a sheet of paper or a stretched canvas. Alongside a teacher who didn't understand much and his grandmother who understood everything, Mory gave birth to worlds that came to life, coloured with his soul, modelled with his heart and under his gestures. He gives his life a colour saturated with the urgency of his creativity.

From his native Burkina Faso, Mory travelled three days by moped to meet the man who would change his life forever, his future father and mentor, Gilbert Coudène.

It was thanks to Gilbert that Mory settled in Lyon in 2013, and since then he has let the strength of his work and the imperious need for his creativity shine through.

Charcoal, red chalk, sepia, watercolour, oil and pigments feed his imagination, but Mory never stops freeing himself from techniques, gradually erasing anything that might stand between the medium and his heart...

Mory fantasises by day and escapes by night, modelling bodies with his fingers, with a knife, with colour, illuminating faces with matter and caressing scenes of life with ardour, frenzy and precision of gesture.

Mory maintains a sensitive and contrasting relationship between positive and negative, good and evil, light and dark, day and, of course, night. A single invariant nourishes and inhabits his work: colour, in all its density and saturation... always primal but never primary.