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Hubert Bouttiau

My paintings are tests, a sequence of tests and this series is an evolution of my previous tests. of my previous tests".
In these painters, Bacon's influence on the rejection of "illustration" painting is primordial.
In order to detach from a scene painting and put forward the confrontation between nature (elements in oil) and the artificial (elements in acrylic), there is a work of close-up, then close-up in close-up, then close-up within the close-up.
This point of view enlarges the surfaces of flesh, making it possible to immerse oneself in them. The representation of faces or hands and feet is avoided, taking us away from anecdotal, non-universal.
The work on contrasts seems to me to be the common point between all my paintings, like an unconscious obligation that imposes itself on me.

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Carmen Hoyos

Light, shadow, and transparency are the key words of my work, and color is essential and ubiquitous.
The soul of a painting eerily resonates into photographs and videos; some paintings are immaterial, luminous and airy intangibles.
There is a balancing act between the material and his colored aura which places these hybrid art pieces at the border between what is concrete and what is fluid.
During the Installations, these pieces work both independently and together as a unit and, instead of being objects of interpretation, they are the ones interpreting the space. The work is in the variable time (Work in progress).

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"Hybride II" by NOIR artist

Two brothers, Lucien and Martin Gilson. One creates, while the other handles the contact side of things. Both of them are all about elegance, humour, and humility. Together they intend to bring to light, through art, "a society that wants to be more positive, more respectful of humankind in general and of young people in particular".

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"The mini planets" by Paul Marnef

I like to transform places, to give them little mystery with a surprising effect, at the crossroads of drawing, painting, computer-generated image and photography.

My artistic approach as a photographer is to reinvent the world, to make it lighter and to transport you to other planets, both so close to our daily lives and yet still so little known.

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"The Mascarades" by N-612

Placed between oneself and the world, the mask includes a double language, the world of the living and that of appearance, of the imaginary, of the beyond, of the unspoken which is verbalized, exteriorized and liberated.

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Erin Durieu

Frédéric Durieu works with his partner Nathalie Erin, they are a couple of artists who base their work on writing algorithms. Their paintings are freeze-frames that come to life with augmented reality. 

Each painting is a freeze frame that reacts with the camera or the sound and thus tells a story or deals with a subject that is close to their hearts: Nature, Femininity, Humanity, Humour...

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"Les masques parlent aussi ..." by Fatoumata Fathy Sidibe

My aesthetic approach is characterised by an inspiration drawn from the epic breath of my ancestors, the reference to various artistic currents, the passage from the three-dimensional to the two-dimensional, the work on colour and forms. This work is the symbol of my cultural mixing.

It is as if, immersed in the bewitching atmosphere of these works, the visitor expects, at the bend in the path, to witness the dance of the masks on the terrace where the deceased is watched over, or to hear them laugh or cry in a secret language accessible only to them. 

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"Energies" by Catherine Mentior

Catherine Mentior

Catherine Mentior

Catherine Mentior is a Belgian painting artist. A lover of bright colors, her touch is energetic and full of movement. She likes to let the colors slide on the canvas and mix cheerfully.
Catherine also produces abstract canvases which essentially refer to the 4 elements; the sun, the water, the plant soil and the energies in the air. Her first NFT virtual gallery is called "Energies" and consists of two rooms. The first refers to green and vegetable energies, in a harmony of blues and greens.There are references to nature, water from rivers and the sea, and vegetation. While the second “Incandescence” room lights up with warm colors to evoke the sun, heat and fire.

The whole, made up of contrasts, forms a whole and reminds us of the beauty and the forces that surround us and what gives us energy on a daily basis.

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Cusp is a digital sculptor and a digital painter.
Discover his animated 3D sculptures

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His style is colourful and explosive. He uses colours that permeate the retina and the characters depicted are pop culture references in whistleblower situations. Money, manipulation, time value, respect are all subjects that are close to his heart. The compositions, all original and unique, contain messages that are dear to the artist.
For some years now, he has also invited watchmaking and all its components into his world.The natural extension of this was sculpture, and here he is at work on magnificent collections that give glory to time and its preciousness.

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"United Colors Of"
Collaboration between David Dhaen and François Grimoin

Artist at the same time photographer, sculptor, film director, after a master in «digital photography» After the 2D photography, he prints so-called lenticular photos, which means that the photo «moves» according to the gaze of the spectator.

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Jean Boghossian

Jean Boghossian is one of the few who experiments by applying fire and smoke to various works. Fire, being his artistic language of choice, is used through a wide array of torches.
Having transitioned a little more than a decade ago towards abstraction Boghossian's art may evoke a contemporary view on the Zero-movement and Fluxus although he claims not to belong to any artistic movement.

For the project ART ON CARS, Jean Boghossian puts his stamp of creativity on two inconic Bentley cars, producing two masterpieces and several artistic items related o the automobile world.

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