How to discover the

AR(t)eCOM 3D CUBE  showing NOIR's digital artworks on your Smartphone

#1 : install the free app 

#2: Launch the OVER application and follow the instructions 
(accept use of GPS, camera and audio)

#3: Allow yourself to be geolocated in a few seconds by the GPS and use the "Discover AR" button to follow the on-screen instructions and wander around the B3 Hall to discover the AR(t) CUBE.

NOIR artist | AR(t)  Realities

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Noir Artist is actually two brothers, Lucien and Martin Gilson.
One creates, while the other handles the contact side of things.
Both of them are all about elegance, humour, and humility.

Together they intend to bring to light, through art,
"a society that wants to be more positive, more respectful of humankind in general and of young people in particular".

Having attended Saint-Luc art school in Liège, Lucien is attracted by the creative, collagist aspects of what he sees around him. Through paintings, drawings, monumental frescoes, murals, trompe-l'oeil, decoration, and urban design, he explores a gloomy world seething with tension. Constantly in search of new forms and new media, he is developing a trademark graphic style. He works with spray cans as well as brushes. He tears paper, and is inspired by advertising and superheroes. He uses virtual reality to produce drafts, and is even open to integrating sculpture into his works. Over time, he adds touches of gold or colour to them, even as he keeps the various shades of black that are his signature. 

Lucien and Martin Gilson live and work in Liège.

Self sabotage