Collaboration between David Dhaen and François Grimoin

United Colors Of

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"United colors of external beauty, why, because we are fun, young, cute, fashion, different. So... go on peace, love, smile"

Artist at the same time photographer, sculptor, film director, after a master in «digital photography» After the 2D photography, he prints so-called lenticular photos, which means that the photo «moves» according to the gaze of the spectator.

A series of 15 photographs titled "United Colors of"​

François Grimoin is a Belgian French artist whose work explores the intersection of tradition and technology. His latest project is a series of 15 photographs titled "United Colors of", which features images from his friend David Dahen, a photographer who travels the world capturing the last tribes on our planet. François was inspired by the traditions of these tribes and the technological advancements of our modern society, and he sought to explore the contrast between the two.

To bring his vision to life, François imagined a series of virtual reality helmets that would be placed on the faces of the tribespeople in the photographs. Each helmet displays a single word, which represents the soul of the tribe it belongs to. When the words are strung together, they form a sentence that touches on the meaning of fashion and the world at large in our digital age. This unique concept aims to bridge the gap between the ancient traditions of these tribes and the modern technological advancements that continue to shape our society.




The intersection of technology and tradition​

The "United Colors of" series is a powerful reflection on the current state of the world and the intersection of technology and tradition. Through these photographs, François Grimoin invites viewers to think deeply about our place in the world and our connection to the past. By juxtaposing the ancient traditions of these tribes with the modern advancements of our society, François is able to create a thought-provoking commentary on the current state of the world and our relationship with technology.


United Colors Of

Beautiful and meaningful

François has created a stunning collection of images that are both beautiful and meaningful. We hope that this series will encourage viewers to think more deeply about their own relationship with technology and the world at large.