"A self-taught artist."

“I nourish myself from the art and culture that inspires me,
I filter and redistribute them through my imagination and my style”.

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The Geo Portraits

His artistic journey began by destructuring animals,
then famous works, to arrive at his current style.

His true vocation emerged as he immersed himself in the worlds of illustrious artists such as Kandinsky, Miró and Basquiat...

In addition to his captivating portraits, he ventured with determination into the territory of the cubist style. A determination that has led him to design several projects devoted entirely to this aesthetic! The quintessence of this exploration lies in "8th Wonders", a collection of NFTs of unparalleled depth.  Initially an adept of marker on paper, 8th Project has embraced the world of NFTs, gradually transforming his style towards digital, freeing his creative potential without any technical constraints.

The artist draws his strength from the art and culture that drive him, filtering them through the prism of his imagination and his distinctive style. Her works abound in symbols and subtly concealed messages, an invitation to keep your senses alert to her art!

Originally from Lyon and born in 1990, French artist 8th Project has chosen Mexico
as his land of inspiration since 2018.

With no formal art training, he has forged his own unique style, making his mark on the art world.