Claude Baquet


Drawings and photos

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We invite you to come and discover our exhibition, to let yourself be enchanted by the images and drawings

that testify to the expression of the soul, to the unique vision of this artist.
Let yourself be transported on a visual journey where beauty, emotion, and imagination come together.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues, intriguing shapes, and unique textures of his drawings.

Each drawing freezes a trace of a leaf that tells the story of an imaginary fish.

Grand Opening

In 1991, he took up drawing first, and soon afterwards painting. He paints canvases abstract, yes, but made almost figurative by the intensity of their colours:

his rusts, yellows, blacks, browns and oranges bear witness to his close relationship with with nature. They produce powerful images of an autumn that is very real in its very density.

You should see the artist at work in his large studio, battling with his crates of pigments, which he mixes according to the inspiration he draws from. he himself describes as an imperious impulse, an imperious and mysterious necessity. mysterious necessity. Today, he's creating a whole new universe linked to FISHSTICKS, a subject full of humour and dynamism. full of humour and dynamism. It is this subject that is going to literally invade his studio after years of abstract painting based on the dynamics of movement.

Claude Baquet takes us on a journey to the world of the sea, where his fish, all set in stone, are nonetheless very much alive, smiling, and very much alive. smiling and even surprising. A great traveller before the eternal, he surveys the planet armed with a travel diary and a camera to share his love of the sea with us. his love of the sea and plunge us into an ocean of Fishsticks... To discover. 

About the artist

An only child, a lonely child, Claude Baquet remembers with obvious his hands dirty from kneading all sorts of things in his father's in his father's leather workshop.

He remembers facing the big work tables, playing alone for hours on end. hours on end, and he hasn't forgotten the tools, the glues, the skins, the scissors, glues, skins, scissors, all things that even as a child he could handle. handle. The joy of handling, cutting, assembling without being restricted by the fear of messing or breaking, he discovered the joy of creating.

To these happy childhood memories were added those gleaned to these happy childhood memories. His visual communications with a view to a job in advertising provided him with an initial provide her with an initial grounding. Above all, they gave him a whole new new self-confidence because the Baquet student, unlike the the Baquet child, who until then had been a rather distracted pupil, would here reap a rich harvest of prizes, praise and congratulations, and this confidence and this confidence will enable him to immediately find the job agency the job he was hoping for.

It was there that, over the next four years, he learned all the secrets of working with computers and training for the highly specialised job graphic designer. A good job, no doubt, but a long way from what had always fascinated him. what has always fascinated him: the handling of colours, canvases, paper canvases, paper, touch, feel...