Alexandre Nicolas

Punk Artist


Alexandre Nicolas is a renowned French artist known for his innovative and unique works, particularly his synthetic crystal inclusions.

Born in 1970 in Toulouse, where he still resides, Alexandre primarily works between Paris, Limoges, and Toulouse. His distinctive style, often described as "punk," reflects a bold and avant-garde approach to sculpture. Among his most famous works is an unprecedented series of fetuses included in crystal, which has captured the attention of art critics and collectors worldwide. His Toulouse studio is a space for dialogue and creativity, where he continues to explore the boundaries of his art. In addition to his success in the art world, Alexandre has also collaborated with major brands like Warner, solidifying his reputation on the international stage.

Birth of the iconic Tintin

Synthetic Crystal Inclusion

Masked Manneken Piss 

Hijacked Sculpture

Belgium Must Survive

Synthetic Crystal Inclusion