Landscapes of sensations

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BRUXSLSART - Augmented Reality Exhibition

Hubert Bottiau in his studio

"My paintings are tests, a sequence of tests and this series is an evolution of my previous tests.

In these painters, Bacon's influence on the rejection of "illustration" painting is of primary importance.
In order to detach himself from a scene painting and to emphasize the confrontation between nature (elements in oil) and the artificial (elements in acrylic), there is a work of close-up, then close-up in close-up, then close-up within the close-up.
This point of view enlarges the surfaces of flesh, making it possible to immerse oneself in them.
The representation of faces or hands and feet is avoided, taking us away from anecdotal, non-universal.


The idea of "Catastrophe" or "Chaos Germs" in painting, as Gilles Deleuze refers to it, is another important aspect in the execution of these paintings.
Gilles Deleuze, is another important aspect in the execution of these paintings. One can see this image emerging from the doldrums through colour.

To reinforce the idea of chaos in the flesh, the addition of elements (carcasses, scenes of violence etc.) arriving in a subliminal way thanks to the work of oil which melts it in the flesh, so that in the end, only certain values remain. This work makes it possible to make the simplicity of the flesh.

Good for asylum - Hubert Bottiau

Good for asylum


All this work on the flesh tortured by the colour and the expressive strokes of the brush is to bring sensations.
These sensations can be compared to what can be produced by one or several landscapes combined in a single painting.

 Agression - Hubert Bottiau

Champagne and cheese - Hubert Bottiau
Champagne and cheese


The work on contrasts seems to me to be the common point between all my
paintings, like an unconscious obligation that imposes itself on me.

In addition to the 7 known colour contrasts, there are also:
the geometric acrylic in flat matte giving this constant frozen aspect with the oil in expressive "sfumato", producing moments of calm in the face of tempestuous moments.

The artificial elements represented by the acrylic against the natural elements can be seen as an allegory of our contemporary society. The beautiful, clean and smooth artificial and smooth in competition with this unattractive, unstructured and dirty nature which we no longer pay attention to and which ends up and which ends up blending together in ignorance.

Smooth bodies from instagrameu(r)(se), the social network of influences, fashion and of influences, fashion and praise of the body, perfects this contrast in the juxtaposition of values: the flesh becomes the place of chaos, the
flesh becomes the place of chaos, of primary violence.

The desire to desacralise the perfect body by adding materials leads us to a practically abstract work (in the flesh). whereas it seems figurative at first sight.
The human being is at the heart of this work, because the only thing that matters to man is man! And it is only through him that we perceive the world.

Opening exhibition April 2023

Thanks to Paul Marnef for the wonderfull pictures of the opening on 27.04.23