Yanis Ourabah



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In 2012, Yanis Ourabah decided to take dance and dancers out onto the streets of streets of Lyon by creating the Dance in Lyon project.

Suspended on the city's rooftops, at the heart of metro lines under construction, on the banks of the Saône, or balanced in luxurious hotels and remarkable heritage sites.

The photographer breathes grace into the four corners Lyon, with no limits other than his creativity. His aim: to offer a of Lyon through an original and aesthetic project, placing the dancers and aesthetic project, placing the dancers at the opposite end of their usual expression. It's a daring move that has earned it media coverage beyond capital of Gaul.

Dance in Lyon is also the art of sublimating Lyon's architecture and architecture and heritage through movement.

A project that continues to evolve with the vision and practice of Yanis Ourabah's photography.