Pant -  Marion Joris

"A sculptor sensitive to animal issues"

Agent :  Lorenzelli Aymeric 


Pant is a sculptor who draws his inspiration from his native Alps.

Sensitive to the environment and the animal cause, his works often feature endangered animals. The fact that he uses facets in his work enhances and accentuates the majesty of the animal, which is usually in motion.

Through his style and technique, he aims to reflect life and the emotions of a stolen moment.

He imagines, designs and creates his works himself.

Aware of man's impact on the environment, which we share with millions of other animal and plant species, he attaches particular importance to producing his works using bio-sourced, French materials and, where possible, materials from recycling chains. Every gram of material is of the utmost importance and is used meticulously.

As part of his concern for the environment, he takes particular care to create as little non-recyclable waste as possible. To date, his works are composed of at least 80% bio-sourced materials and generate no more than 5% of the weight of a work in non-recyclable waste.

All his works are produced, from modelling to post-processing, in the Annécien basin (74 - France) through his company MIA 3D.