Demonstration WallPen dans la ART-NFT Gallery


Registrations are closed

Demonstration WallPen dans la ART-NFT Gallery

Discover a great way to make your office and reception areas more meaningful with ART.

Want to create a new atmosphere for 2023?
Need to motivate your teams with an energising decoration?

Don't miss the WallPen demonstration on Thursday 17th
(from 7pm), Friday 18th (from 10am to 5pm) and Saturday 19th (from 10am to 4pm)


Print on your walls without limits

  •  16 swm maximum print volume per hour
  • variable size of ink drops
  • print height up to 3.50m
  • white printing with fifth print head soon optionally possible
  • maximum print resolution of 1200 dpi
  • True-color wall print in the cmyk color spectrum
  • wall prints in unlimited width
  • Instant ink drying through UV LED technology

We use a very resistant, plastic-like UV ink that hardens immediately under the integrated UV curing lamps and can be used on almost all substrates. Thus, plaster, wallpaper, wood, brick, latex paints, stone, clinker, plastic, metal, glass, most tiles and many other materials can be printed without any problems.

Even natural stone, clinker or rough plaster can be printed without problems up to a contour depth of approx. 10 mm.


Registrations are closed
Date & Time
Thursday, 17 November 2022
Start - 19:00 (Europe/Brussels)
Saturday, 19 November 2022
End - 16:00 (Europe/Brussels)

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Gare Maritime at Tour & Taxis Block 8.3
Rue Picard, 13 ou Avenue du Port 86C
1000 Bruxelles
+32 474 30 33 80
+32 478 29 20 43

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+32 478 292 043

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