Opening "Drops" by Carmen HOYOS


Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Carmen HOYOS @BXL.ART-NFT.Gallery, where vibrant colours and ethereal light effortlessly transport you into her artistic vision

As the doors swung open, the gallery welcomed its first visitors -  an gathering of art connoisseurs, comprising art historians, professors, film industry experts (including animators), artists, gallery owners, curators, designers, enthusiasts. All were curious to learn more about augmented reality and NFTs.

The interactive experience of augmented reality and the engaging quiz captivated the attendees, generating immense interest and enthusiasm among the crowd.

The complementarity between art and technology created a real magical effect.

The meetings were full of vibrant energy, the discoveries were met with e nthusiastic  exclamations and the discussions were lively, with new ideas and perspectives. The atmosphere was one of a vibrant palette of colors , passionate exchange and infectious conviviality.

Our visitors left with a contagious optimism, their minds buzzing with creative projects and the urge to participate in the #BRUXSELART summer project.

The artists Carmen and Alex were also delighted with the welcome they received. They are looking forward to the exhibition running until the end of June and hope, like us, to attract many more visitors and art collectors

Special thanks Paul Marnef for these beautiful pictures.