Diversify Your Artistic Income

Maximise the Profitability of Your Art

Find out how artists can navigate
through different sources of income 

1-Market your physical artistic creations

Exhibition of physical works

Having a presence in an art gallery can help build an artist's reputation, providing creative validation and opening doors to international contacts.

2-After ordering, we print​

A simple way of expanding your artistic clientele is
to print to order

The artist accepts that his work be sold in several numbered copies with a fixed maximum number. He sends the gallery his file ready for printing, and an agreement is reached on the printing model. When the customer buys one or more copies, the original work is printed and delivered to the recipient.

3-Online markets​

Digital art is revolutionising the way artists share their talent.

Our under construction "ART-NFT marketplace" dedicated to our 
"onboarded artists" ART-NFT COLLECTION
is a tailor-made platforms for creators and collectors. 
You can exhibit and sell your art to a global audience eager to discover it.
The best part is that these platforms often take care of all the logistics. This means that you, the artist, can concentrate on what you do best: creating. Find out how these dynamic platforms can propel your artistic career to new heights.

4-Monetisation of Digital Art

The commercialisation of digital art has become an increasingly lucrative opportunity.

Thanks to pre-established agreements in the form of licences or limited editions, digital art can be purchased several times over. This dynamic can become a powerful financial driver for artists, encouraging them to promote their work and build a loyal fan base to maximise their earnings. It's a way of capitalising on the growth of your artistic reputation for constantly increasing income.

5-Graphic design

Adapt your creativity to market needs​

Embrace the opportunity to shine as an artist by adapting your creativity to market needs. Offer design services that transcend expectations, combining your artistic talent with a dynamic response to the current demands of businesses and retailers. Explore how this innovative approach can propel your career and help you stand out in the art world while meeting the changing needs of your audience. 

6-Turn Your Creations into
Continuous Income on Online Platforms

Imagine opening your own digital shop​

Imagine opening your own digital shop where other designers or businesses can discover and buy your creative assets online. On these platforms, you have the opportunity to monetise your artistic talent like never before. What makes them even more fascinating is that, once you've uploaded your work, it continues to generate income on its own, leaving you more time to focus on your next great creation. Find out how these virtual spaces turn the sale of digital assets into a sustainable source of income. 

7-Generating income through education

On-line courses

There has never been a better time to share your knowledge. Experienced artists often have a treasure trove of techniques, tips and ideas that are much admired by budding artists. On platforms such as Udemy, Skillshare, or even by creating their own website, artists now have the opportunity to structure courses. Whether they're looking at specific artistic techniques or more general subjects such as "The Basics of Art", artists can not only share their expertise, but also generate substantial income by teaching passionate learners.

8-Showcase your creations

with Youtube

Youtube is also a dynamic platform where artists can showcase their creations as well as teach and prosper financially. They can gather a community of passionate followers, by teaching an artistic creation process, offering tutorials or exploring artistic supplies. By consistently delivering high-quality content, an artist's YouTube channel can become a significant source of income, opening the way to a variety of revenue streams: advertising, channel subscriptions, donations during live broadcasts, affiliations with art-related products or other items.

9-Affiliation and marketing partnerships

Boost Your Income with Affiliate Links

Why not increase your earnings by sharing your recommendations for your favourite tools and supplies. By participating in affiliate programmes, you can publish links to your favourite art supplies or related products. Each time a purchase is made via your link,
you earn a commission.

Giants such as Amazon, Blick Art Materials and even specialist art platforms frequently offer these affiliate opportunities, providing artists with a seamless way to capitalise on their influence and turn their expertise into a source of income.


Open New Creative Perspectives 

In the art world, collaborations open up new creative perspectives and offer the opportunity to reach new audiences. Artists have the opportunity to collaborate with brands to create sponsored content, to partner with other artists to co-create artworks, or to combine forces to organise exclusive events and exhibitions.

These partnerships are not just about generating revenue. They are also a way of exploring new artistic horizons, extending your artistic influence and forging links within your artistic network. New artistic opportunities open up thanks to these creative synergies.

11-Social Networks

True digital galleries

Neglecting the use of social media is no longer a viable option for most artists. Not only are these platforms, such as Instagram, becoming true digital galleries, allowing artists to create a portfolio, engage in rewarding interaction with their fan base, and even make direct sales, but more importantly they offer features such as buyable posts that allow artists to turn their feed into a dynamic online storefront and weave a narrative around each post.

12-Engaging with art and arts media enthusiasts

Social Media: Creating Authentic Links with Subscribers to Increase Sales

As well as simply showcasing their artistic creations, social media platforms allow artists to establish real links with their audiences. Interaction with their fans, whether through comments, private messages or live broadcasts, has the potential to convert mere spectators into potential customers.  When artists succeed in creating a solid community, this not only increases sales, but also turns their fans into fervent supporters of their brand. They spread word-of-mouth recommendations, helping to boost the artist's sales.

13-Concluding ideas

Multidisciplinarity and agility 

In the artistic world, characterised by constantly changing trends and a fluid market, the ability to adapt is crucial. This goes far beyond mastering a single medium or style; it means being flexible, embracing new approaches and keeping abreast of the latest technological advances.  It is essential that their revenue-generating strategies evolve alongside their artistic development.

Increasing the diversity of income

Artists can ensure greater financial stability by diversifying their sources of income,
whether through the sale of works,
participation in affiliation programmes or the provision of online teaching.

It also allows you to expand your audience and establish professional relationships. The artistic world offers a multitude of opportunities for growth.

14- Showcase your artistic creations

Every creator has their own way of expressing themselves, which deserves to be publicised

Today, there are many ways of publicising your work, so make the most of these opportunities to share your talent, your world and receive the recognition that follows.