Art CAR Exhibition by BOGHOSSIAN goes to METAVERSE

is ART a META-answer too?

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Phygital Conference BXL.ART-NFT.Gallery : 
"is ART a META-answer too?"

Come and join the European Premiere ART-NFT EVENT
taking place simultaneously in Brussels and in the Metaverse

Which one will you attend?

Conference of the BXL ART NFT Gallery
Art Exhibition transfer - ART CAR by Jean Boghossian
Collect, Exhibit and Print your ART NFT collection

On Thursday 17th of November, we will welcome your avatars in our MetaGallery from 7pm onwards.

Don’t miss out our ART NFT Conference and learn more on our ecosystem ART NFT GALLERY dedicated to artists, gallerists and collectors.

Date & Time
Thursday November 17, 2022
Start - 19:00 (Europe/Brussels)
Saturday November 19, 2022
End - 23:00 (Europe/Brussels)


+32 478 292 043

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